Fine and Performing Arts

The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer.

Fine and Performing Arts

"I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being." (Oscar Wilde)

The Fine and Performing Arts will be given a high priority at all age levels at MHIS. According to Benjamin Bloom and his theory on thinking skills, creativity is the highest rung on the cognitive ladder. Involvement in the Arts is associated with gains in Mathematics, verbal skills, cognitive ability, and critical thinking. In addition, we are of the view that an Arts education not only inspires intrinsic pleasure and stimulation but can also improve motivation, confidence and teamwork. Arts education will help young children begin to find meaning in life and open their minds to multiple ways of seeing.

From Visual Arts, Film and Photography to Music, Dance and Drama, students at MHIS will have numerous opportunities to immerse themselves in the genre that best suits their talent and interest. Beginning with the interdisciplinary approach used in the Pre-School and Lower School and with the introduction of a specialized approach used later as part of the curriculum plan in the Upper School, students will have significant exposure to Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts instruction. We intend to employ highly qualified artists, actors and musicians as Arts teachers to share with students their knowledge and passion for the subject.

In the IB Diploma Program, students will have the option of taking one of their required six courses in Music, Drama, Visual Arts or Film.

In addition, students at every level will have opportunities to join after-school ensembles and perform on stage. Choirs and Bands will be at the heart of the school's musical life and Theatre and Dance productions will become part of an expected tradition at MHIS. Performance options will include musicals, comedy, drama or one-act plays. Our mission is to encourage maximum participation and to provide quality experiences for students that are rich, varied and enjoyable.

Students flourish when creativity drives learning.