Imagine a skilled, dedicated coach who knows how to win but can also build sportsmanship and character and will instill in his/her athletes the importance of teamwork, respect for the opposition, respect for the rules of the game, and respect for those responsible for enforcing the rules.


  • Overview

    Participation in sports is an integral and enjoyable part of a child's development and of the overall MHIS curriculum plan. We believe in the close relationship that exists between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Our goal is to motivate and involve large numbers of students to participate in sports and to foster in them a sense of respect and confidence, an understanding of commitment, the significance of teamwork, and the desire to dedicate energy toward the pursuit of established goals. We are committed to offering a dynamic and exciting program in line with the many varied interests that exist.

    The excellent sporting facilities planned and willingness to hire qualified and experienced coaches will enable us to host and participate in a wide range of competitive and non-competitive events throughout the year. Facilities include a 2000 square meter fully equipped triple-gym sports hall, a high caliber fitness center, 25 meter 8 lane indoor aquatics center, and a large sports field and 250-meter track. We will also leverage the world class golf and tennis facilities available at Missions Hills and will have access to the Olympic size indoor ice rink located next door to the school at Mission Hills Centreville.

    As part of a robust and multi-pronged Physical Education program, we will use these facilities to introduce the game of golf, tennis, and ice skating to all students. And for those wishing to develop their golf, tennis or ice hockey game to a higher level, Elite Sports Academies will be offered for these three sports areas.

  • Teams

    Lower School students are introduced to athletics as part of a balanced PE program. They will discover the joy of movement, learn about their bodies and develop physical and cognitive skills that begin to lay the foundation for active living, participation in team and individual sports, and lifelong health. In addition, the older students in the Lower School will have lunch-time intra-mural sports (i.e. basketball, soccer) available to them. These will be complemented by additional opportunities for inter-school competition in invitational tournaments (i.e. swimming, table tennis, badminton, track and field) within the local and regional leagues.

    The focus for our competitive teams will be with Upper School students. We intend to be full members of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) conference. ACAMIS is a large conference with 60 member schools. The Association organizes a variety of activities (i.e. Debate Tournament, Model United Nations Forum, Chess Tournament, Math Olympiad, and a Cultural Convention) of which Athletics is a central tenet.

  • Seasons

    There are 3 distinct core seasons within the ACAMIS program which provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports throughout the school year.

    Season 1 (September to October)
    Cross Country

    Season 2 (November to February)
    Touch Rugby/Rugby
    Table Tennis

    Season 3 (March to April)
    Track and Field

  • Intramurals

    The Intramural program is designed for students who are looking to play sports in a less-structured and competitive atmosphere. Our primary aim is to provide students with an enjoyable, stress-free, social activity in a relaxed environment. Our secondary aim is to provide an outlet for exercise, skill development and to promote the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. Students are encouraged to play to the best of their ability. A win-at-all costs attitude is discouraged. The value of Intramural sports comes from playing, not from winning.

    Intramurals are normally offered at lunch-time but some will be available after school. Activities include the following: basketball, soccer, dodgeball, cooperative games, indoor soccer, and floor hockey).

    Student leadership is critical to the success of the intramural program. The Student Council or Athletic Council will take a lead with the organization and implementation of the program and will be assisted by the school's Athletic Director and PE teachers.